Find the ways you love to MOVE

At The Mix Studios we want to help you find the ways you love to move.  If exercise isn't fun then you won't do it.

We have Personal and Semi-Private Training as well as a variety of classes to keep you moving and loving every minute of it!

A Variety of Classes
Kettle bell Strength & Mobility
Nia Dance Fitness
Bounce & Burn
Trampoline Fitness
Mix Total Body
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Do you need help reaching your fitness goals?

Find out how a Personal Trainer can help you:

-Learn the right exercises for your body

-Learn the right intensity to reach your goals

-Make a plan that is do-able and effective

-Keep you accountable

-Keep you safe

Semi-Private Training
Located at 2007 State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104  Phone: 734-786-1260  Email: