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There are probably billions of articles out there about how to shed fat, lose inches, and feel awesome.  Many of them really do have great information in them.  But when you break it down these 10 Habits are the most important to consistently nail if you want to decrease your waistline and feel healthy.

These habits will do you know good if you do not have a plan for how to execute them and strong desire to succeed.  This desire needs to be fueled by more than just a goal to lose weight.  Think about all the amazing effects of living a healthy life at a healthy weight.  Healthy digestion, healthy skin, endurance for playing with your kids,  Strong bones and joints, clear mind, decrease chance of Alzheimers, less back pain, good example for your kids.... The list goes on and on.

So now the check list.  How many of these healthy habits can you consistently nail so that you reach goals? 

1. Decrease Calories

It's important to decrease calories but not too much.  Decreasing your calories too much can slow down your metabolism and actually bring weightloss to a halt. 

2. Eat More Protein

Increasing protein helps you maintain your muscle mass.  This is crucial to keeping your metabolism up while decreasing your calories.  It also takes more calories to digest than carbs and fat.  Protein is highly satiating as well.  So you'll be less likely to snack later.

3. Just Eat Real Food

No processed, enriched, refined or fake foods.  This means you need to make a meal plan each week.  Try not to eat out and when you do make a smart choice.  Do not eat sugar or sugary drinks these are not food.

4. Decrease Carbohydrates

This does not mean completely eliminate all carbs.  Try to stick to less than 150 grams a day unless you are very active.  Everyone has a different tolerance to carbs so ask a professional for help determining where to start.

5. Increase your non-exercise activity

it is now common knowledge that sitting is not good for our health.  Non-exercise activity is incredibly beneficial for our metabolism and for our posture.  So set an alarm to get up and move every hour.  Walk to the store, walk and talk on the phone, get a stand up desk, and do what you can to not sit for too long.

6. Do Cardio

You need a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio 3 days every week to see a difference in your waistline.  Some people need more and some less.  Our bodies are all different.  But it definitely better to do something rather than nothing.  

7. Do Interval workouts

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Interval workouts such as circuit training and HIIT or Sprinting where you are doing a burst of intense effort followed by something easier has been proven to burn fat.  So at lease once a week make one of your workouts include some intense intervals.  There are many ways to do this even low impact options so if you are not sure what to do then keep searching or seek some advice.

8. Strength Train

We start losing muscle mass around 30 years of age if we aren't actively striving to maintain it.  Muscle burns way more calories than fat.  So the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is going to be.  Resistance training is essential to maintain your muscle mass, keep your metabolism up, and keep functioning as you age.  Plus a strong body is beautiful, feels great, and functions awesome!  You need to train each muscle group at least 2 days a week to see results.  You must train to muscle fatigue.  So using 

9. Drink Water

  1. Drink a 8-12 Glasses of water a day and drink Green Tea or Yerba Mate or Pu-erh Tea to boost your metabolism and Fat Burning Potential

10. Sleep!

Sleep is so important for numerous reasons.  Without enough good quality sleep your workouts will suffer will which decrease your muscle mass, therefore decreasing your metabolism.   It is proven that sleep deprivation causes us to eat more calories.  We feel tired and try to get energy by eating but all that does is add extra pounds.  So decide what habits need to be in place so that you can get to bed earlier and get around 8 hours or more every night!

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