2 Weeks

Unlimited CLASSES


-Are you not sure about which exercises are safest and most effective?

Our instructors aim to create fun, effective and safe workouts to help you get results!

-Are you not sure how many workouts a week is enough?

You need at least two days of strength training to gain muscle and look toned and you     need cardio to burn calories and keep your heart strong!

-Do you know what intensity will get you results?


Our instructors can help you gage your effort level and push so you see results!

-Do you often miss workouts?


Schedule them and pay for them so you don't miss them.  Accountability is the key!

-Do you get bored easy?


The Mix Studios has a variety of classes from Zumba to Strength Training, to Dumbbells to Kettle Bells to Battle Ropes, Trampoline Fitness, Nia Dance Fitness, and more...

*For new clients only or those not active in the last 30 days.

*This deal expires November 1st so hurry up and get started today!

*14 days starts on the day of your first class.  So sign up today and schedule whenever!

Call Or Text: 734-786-1260  Email: a2mixstudios@gmail.com


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