"Sarah is incredible! I've been doing one on one training sessions with her and she is knowledgeable, encouraging, full of excellent recommendations and suggestions. She provides quality workouts that are both challenging and attainable. It is obvious that she puts a lot of effort into individualizing routines and helping clients meet their goals. Love her! Definitely recommend her!" Rosa Lee

 "Before I started training with Dana I was really heavy -- 266 lbs -- but after only 12 weeks with her I lost 43 lbs. Working out wasn't that bad! Her methods were very simple and easy for me to follow.   She didn't just help me to lose weight, she helped me to start a whole new world."  Iris Alcantar

Sarah Kreiner started The Mix Studios in 2016.  She has been a personal trainer since 2008.  Her philosophy is that fitness and health should be fun and enjoyable. Yes you need a certain amount of cardiovascular activity and you should do something that strengthens your muscles every week, but it doesn't have to be as intense as CrossFit or crowded or boring.  It can be through a mix of fun personal training, circuit workouts, dance, yoga, or whatever you find that you love.  That is what The Mix is all about it's about creating a mix of things that you enjoy that keep you fit and healthy and happy.  It's about trying new things to see what you like!


The studio has 4 main rooms.  One large personal training room, a beautiful dance room, and a group fitness room.  We also have a gorgeous outdoor space that is available for rent and sometimes used for classes and personal training.


We would love for you to find your mix of ways to feel strong and healthy.  Check out our offerings page to learn more about all the great instructors and classes going on.  

Do you teach a class or offer lessons?  We also rent space to trainers, teachers, therapists, music lessons and more.  Please click on Space Rental/Opportunities for more information!

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Located at 2007 State St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104  Phone: 734-786-1260  Email: a2mixstudios@gmail.com