Free Community Workout

We want to help you move, and smile, be healthy and engage with the community during this tough time!

The Mix Studios is hosting a FREE Live Online Workout featuring one of our classes!

All you have to do is click a link and follow along with your instructor and your community!  It's fun, it's free, and it's easy!

Strength For A Cause 

June 13th 7:30am

I want to help you move, and smile, be healthy and engage with our community during this tough time!

Since Covid made it unsafe for us to keep our doors open, The Mix Studios has been hosting FREE Live Online Workouts featuring one of our classes!

This week I, Sarah, the owner of The Mix will motivate you through a whole body strengthening and metabolism boosting workout, you will use only your bodyweight and common household items to get an amazing workout. All fitness levels welcome!

I, have been a foster parent for the last 3 years and I am passionate about the struggles of these children, foster parents and birth parents. If there is one sentence to sum up my experience it would be: "No one could have prepared me for everything I have felt and experienced during my time as a foster a parent." You truly do not know what anyone else is going through. All parents and all kids deserve a chance.


All Proceeds will go to Together We Rise!

So I'd like you to help me support those who need it through this workout. If you can help I'll be donating all of the proceeds from todays workout to Together We Rise. If you can't donate no worries, we still want you to come and join the workout!

Sign up here and on the day of the workout you will get a link to join through Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account. All you do is click the link and open a webpage or download the Desktop App.

It's easy!

All fitness levels are welcome. The workout will involve getting down and up off the floor but options will be provided if you cannot.

Call Or Text: 734-786-1260  Email:


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