Group Fitness Instructors

Laura Cowan

Laura K. Cowan is a meditation coach and Reiki master who works with individuals to create a custom relaxation and self-healing practice that works for their life path. Whether you struggle to calm your mind, are looking for a mind-body practice to complement your physical training routine for optimal wellness, or would like support through chronic pain, Laura loves tailoring many different meditation techniques from guided to moving meditation to create a relaxing, fulfilling practice that works best for an individual's situation. Laura is also a tech and wellness journalist, and an enthusiastic student of the Chinese martial arts including tai chi and kung fu. She is an Usui, Kundalini, and Karuna Ki Reiki master with a specialty in animal Reiki and a level 20 Grandmaster attunement, an Ataana Method healer, certified meditation instructor, shamanic practitioner in the Celtic and Peruvian traditions, and a shamanic arts life coach. Laura hosts unique meditation classes and intuitive arts circles to help people connect with their own capacity for healing, relaxation, life path guidance, and high-level creative thinking. 

Gretchen Myers

Gretchen didn't grown up with much desire to exercise.  She was a smoker and occasional athlete and a lover of all things donut (this part remains true to this day).  After breaking her leg in a car accident in her early twenties, she realized just how much she had been taking her health for granted.  Slowly her love of fitness and desire to share her passion grew, and she became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2006.    Since then, she's attained specializations that focused on her passions at the time. She started with Sports Specific Training and Orthopedic Exercise.  She is both a Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist and a MMA Conditioning Specialist through NASM.  She attained a Mind Body Specialist certification through ACE with a focus on yoga and flexibility training.  She's taken several TRX courses. In 2012, she found her true love- the kettlebell.  After much playing and independent studying of Steve Cotter and IKFF protocols, she became a certified kettlebell through both NETA and Kettlebell Kings.   She looks forward to attaining her Animal Flow teacher certification at the end of this year to continue her education of quadruped movements and mobility exercises.  She finds immense joy in bringing the benefits of both kettlebells and mobility training to as many people as she can.

Diana Racek

Diana Racek is a Yoga Instructor in Ann Arbor trained to teach several styles of yoga including Vinyasa (a flow synchronizing breath with movement) and Yin (restorative). Diana believes her students should have the freedom and support to experience yoga in their own personal way. This belief is reflected by the nourishing vibe in all her classes. Diana teaches private groups, public classes at various locations, and special events.

Robin Schultz-Purves

Robin founded Yoga Rising in 2013, holds her E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), and completed advanced training in Yoga for Athletes (w/ Sage Rountree). Robin teaches all levels of students, supporting them in increasing their mobility & flexibility and combining relaxation & challenge. 

For athletes, Robin believes that suppleness and balance are an essential part of sports, and incorporating yoga as part of a training plan results in fewer injuries, increased performance, and greater longevity for participants.  

Robin teaches both Hatha and Vinyasa (linking breath & movement) and brings an extensive background in experiential training and Social Work, She is an avid rower and believes she can do a Tree pose just about anywhere!  Website: Yoga Rising

Anna Nettles

Anna is completing her degree in Kinesiology: Exercise and Sports Science at Wayne State University. She has several years of experience in leading group exercise and small group strength training and is currently fulfilling a strength and conditioning internship. Her workouts are centered on strength training, functional movement, core performance, and joint mobility. Anna enjoyed weightlifting in high school while also working at the local gym, but her journey into fitness really began when she decided to compete in bodybuilding. It was during the pursuit of this fitness goal that she became aware of the disordered eating and behaviors within health and fitness. No longer competing, but always a lover of the weights, she has found her passion in wanting to help others discover empowerment through exercise. She believes strongly that the pursuit of health and fitness should add to the quality of one’s life, not take away from it. She hopes others will find joy in movement and come to appreciate how remarkable their bodies are.

Damilare Adeyeri

With his wide smiles and ever so positive attitude, Damilare is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic person you will ever meet! He believes exercise should be fun, and his classes are structured that way-- to ensure that you have a great workout, experience abundant joy, and leave class with a boosted morale! He has an International Masters in Dance; is certified by the American Council on Exercise  (ACE) as a Group Fitness Instructor, and is licensed to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Kids & Kids Jr., and Strong By Zumba. Damilare also specializes in teaching Latin-American social dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Cumbia. His energy is contagious and you are guaranteed to have lots of fun while getting fit in his Zumba® classes.
You can follow him on Instagram @thejoyfuldancer and Like his Facebook Page: @thejoyfuldancer

Rebecca Round

Becky is a Registered Dietitian and is currently in the process of obtaining her Personal Trainer Certification through the American Council on Exercise to combine her passions of healthy eating and fitness to help improve the lives of others.  She believes that exercise should be tailored to the individual so that personal goals are obtainable and fit into people’s lifestyle. Becky lives by the belief that exercise should not only be beneficial to your health but also FUN!! 

Dominique Abed

Dominique is a licensed Black Belt Nia Instructor whose passion is sharing the Joy of Movement. Nia cardio fitness artfully blends healing, dance and martial arts principles with movements that are easy to learn in a playful and supportive atmosphere. The exceptionally varied and inspiring musical playlists are a significant part of the Nia experience.  Crafted to respect your body's natural design for movement, Nia is a mindful, holistic movement practice. This "cardio yoga" experience will help tone your body and nourish your spirit. 

Kadesha Baker

Kadesha has been teaching Zumba since March 2014.  Zumba Fitness classes will help you burn lots of calories in a way that is fun and easy to follow. Her playlist includes traditional Zumba music paired with the music you listen to in your car everyday. Her class is often refereed to as "Club Zumba" by her students because of the popular dance moves and the party atmosphere. The best thing about her Zumba fitness class is that you don't have to be a great dancer, just join a class and "shake-it-till-you-make-it" and burn those calories! There is a party in every class (a big sweaty party) I guarantee you will have a blast!.

Sarah Kreiner

Sarah has been a personal trainer since 2008.  She has helped hundreds of people gain strength, lose fat, and become healthier through exercise!  She is ACSM certified and also is certified Precision Nutrition Coach.  Check out Sarah's website for her story, her testimonials, and to learn more about her incredible group fitness classes!

Theresa Moon

Theresa is a NASM certified personal trainer as well as a AFAA and MOSSA Power certified fitness instructor specializing in strength training and cardio fitness with experience teaching cardio drumming, pilates, core and both children’s and senior fitness. Theresa is also a marathon runner and enjoys outdoor adventures of every kind.

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