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Happy and Healthy Sale!

"Every year I complain about my weight gain and my lack of exercise around the holidays.  I feel stressed and overwhelmed.This year I will be happier and healthier."

Are you frustrated with the lack of time to exercise and the temptation to eat sugar at every party?

Are you feeling like you could use some accountability to keep your workouts going through the holiday?

Do you need to learn some tactics to stay on track this holiday season?

The Mix Studios and our trainers can help.....

We want to help you have a healthier happier holiday season.

We don't want to deprive you of the joy.  NO way this is not what we are about.

We want to help you find joy in your workouts, a schedule you can manage over the holidays, and a balance and understanding of what is realistic right now.

With the help of a trainer you can make a game plan, stick to it, and be ahead of everyone else come January.

The Mix Studios is offering it's biggest sale ever on Personal Training!

Get 50% off the options below and set yourself up for success this holiday season.  You'll be happier and healthier going into 2020!

Promo Code: yelphappyhealthy

This sale price is good for those who have never trained at The Mix or those who have not trained in the last 90 days.  Please see below to see if you qualify. *

Promo Code: yelphappyhealthy

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I'm happy to meet with you for a free 30  minute consultation.  No crazy sales pressure.  Just 30 minutes to see what your goals are and if we are good fit and answer any questions you have.  Our goal is to help people find enjoyment in exercise and feel good!

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*These sale prices are good for clients who are new to the studio and those clients who have not participated in the session/class type in the last 90 days.  So if you would like to get the sale price on Personal Training and you haven't trained at The Mix in 90 days you can get the sale price.  The promo code can only be used once.  These do not apply to any other packages only the above packages.  You will receive an email to set up your first session with a trainer. If for some reason you don't please email us.  a2mixstudios@gmail.com.

*All sessions will expire on January 31st 2020

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