Live Streaming/Online Classes F.A.Q.

Please call me if you would like me to answer any questions or practice with you!  734-652-4465

Sarah, Owner

Video Zoom Tutorial
How to Sign up

To sign up you just use the class schedule or your Wellness Living App just like Usual

How do you do the Livestream Online Workout?

We are using Zoom Meetings.  It is easy, so easy.  You will get a link in your email about 10-20 minutes before class starts.  Then you click the link and open a Zoom page or you can download the Zoom Desktop Application.

I highly recommend getting the Desktop Application.  You can create a Account before hand and have a practice meeting.  

Download Zoom here

What if I don't have a computer?

You can download the Zoom App on your phone, Ipad, or tablet. The features are different and limited compared to using your computer or laptop.  

What equipment do I need and how much space?

Each class will tell you in the description if you need any equipment.  

Mix Total Body uses dumbbells

Pilates uses Mat, Pilates Ball, light/medium weight resistance band

Zumba + Pound uses ripsticks which are like drumsticks

Call Or Text: 734-786-1260  Email:


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