Personal Training Membership F.A.Q.

-When will this new pricing option start?

Starting January first anyone who doesn't already have sessions available will either need to purchase or package or sign up the new recurring billing system.  We will no longer offer month to month payments.

-How do I get started?

Go to Your Account

Login to your Mindbody Account

If you have never logged in then send us an email and we'll send you a password.

Click on Online payments

Then under that click on Memberships

Then you should get a drop down menu with the membership options.

See the screenshot below







-What if I go on vacation or need to take a long break?

If you are worried about not using all your sessions then just ask us to pause your membership.

-How will I know when I'll be charged?

You will get an email when you have two sessions left to let you know that you'll be charged after you have used those two sessions.

-How will I know how many sessions I have left?

You can log into your account. Go to My Info.  Then click on Account.  In Account you'll see Pricing Options.  This will show what is available for use.

-What if I don't want to do the Membership recurring payments?

Remember that you can buy the packages of sessions.  Just note that you will not get the discount on classes or Jamie Jean Beauty.

-Can I share classes with a family member or friend?

Yes you can share with a family member.  Just let us know and we will link your accounts so that you can pull from the same package or membership.

Call Or Text: 734-786-1260  Email:


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