• Sarah Kreiner

3 Best Exercises for Fat Loss

Do you have very little time? Are you trying to get in a full body strength workout 2-3 times a week but still running out of time. Well if you don't have time for a full workout then these three exercises are your saving grace.

Kettle Bell Swings

-They are the best of both worlds. Cardio and Strength. If you are using a heavy enough weight and have good form then Kettle Bell Swings are engaging your shoulders, lats, back muscles, core, glutes, and thighs and kicking your heart rate up like no body's business.

Push Up Variations

-Push ups work your core, triceps, shoulders, chest and if you are doing them right even your glutes and thighs. Challenging variations can get your heart rate up, work your obliques more and take the boredom out of just regular old push ups all the time. Plus you don't need a ton of equipment for many variations.


-Lunges work your largest muscle group; your legs and butt. They challenge your balance, and let you even out discrepancies in leg strength. They are very cardiovascular and they don't require a ton of weight which is better for your back.

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