• Sarah Kreiner

12 Weight Loss Hacks You Haven't Tried

Some of these might be silly to you and some might be things you are already doing. But if you are having a hard time losing those last few pounds then these hacks are definitely worth a try.

1. Yerbe Mate Tea- has been proven to boost metabolism. Plus it's full of healthy antioxidants and some caffeine to boost workout performance.

2. Cold Blast in the Shower- Being cold can increase your caloric expenditure. So some people swear by a 1-2 minute cold blast at the end of your shower or wearing a cold vest or even turning down the temp in your home. This may be over-rated but does help circulation and waking you up!

3. Quit drinking alcohol and drink Kombucha instead. Alcohol slows your process of building muscle, it causes insulin spikes which cause unwanted cravings, and messes up with sleep. All things that will not help you lose weight. So try Kombucha instead. It is a fermented tea beverage. It has healthy probiotics and tastes really delicious. It has very few calories. So have a glass instead of wine or beer.

4. Stress Reduction via meditation and gentle yoga - Ever wonder why yogi's are so slim. Stress can cause our cortisol levels to rise and therefore our bodies to hold onto fat. So meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and even just relaxing long walks without your cell phone could help you lose weight around your midsection.

5. Eating more Fat- Fat helps you stay satiated. So choose healthy fats like avocado and olive oil and be sure not to overdo it.

6. Extra Sleep 8 hours minimum- Not getting enough sleep creates a domino effect that seriously makes it hard to lose fat. It raises cortisol, increases unnecessary snacking, decreases desire to workout and how well you perform when you do workout. The list goes on. Just get enough sleep if you want to lose fat.

7. Intermittent Fasting- I have read that people have success with this. This could be just not eating from 6pm until breakfast the next day. Or it could be longer. There are different theories. I think some women do not respond well to this. But the research makes it worth mentioning.

8. Eat Slow - It should take at least 20 minutes to eat a meal. Your body needs time to tell you that you are full. So slow down and eat mindfully.

9. Buy smaller plates and bowls- When we see a plate that's full we feel like we are getting a great big portion of food! This is true even if the plate is smaller. So decrease the size of your plate and therefore your portion sizes.

10. Eat at the same times every day- our bodies respond well to schedules. This helps with eliminating snacking, eliminating the chance of our bodies thinking we are starving and holding onto calories,

11. Go to Sleep at the same time every night- same as above our bodies do well on a schedule. Sleeping schedules help us be able to go sleep fast when we hit the pillow and wake up refreshed in the morning.

12. Drink Sparkling Water before meals and with meals. Drinking it before your meal will help you feel full faster. Therefore decreasing your portion sizes. I drink it while I'm making dinner and have a glass with dinner. It also is great in place of alcohol. Which we all know is terrible news if you are trying to lose fat.

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