• Sarah Kreiner

7 Useful Kitchen Hacks

Most of us don't want to spend any more time in the kitchen then we have to. So here are a few hacks to save you time and keep things tasting deliscious!

1. Use this tool to make vegetable noodles in place of spaghetti. You could get a spiralizer. They are awesome. But they do create alot of dishes. So this tool is quick and simple!

2. When you cut up a vegetable for a recipe, cut up the whole vegetable for later meals. If you already have the cutting board out and ready so just cut it up and save you time and dishes later.

3. Freeze cubes of wine and chicken broth for use in recipes

4. Learn how to chop vegetables FAST There are tons of videos online ranging from simple to incredible.




5. Store fresh herbs in a jar like you would cut flowers so they last longer

6. Store a cut avocado in a container with cut onion to keep from browning for about 2 days!

7. Always have frozen vegetables on hand for emergencies. I love these frozen mushrooms from Trader Joe's. They can make an ordinary chicken or zucchini pasta incredible!

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