• Sarah Kreiner

BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Collard Wraps

These are a favorite of mine. They hold together better than romaine. They are low in calories, high in vitamins, beautiful, and easy. The combinations are endless. This is just an easy staple of mine I wanted to share.

1 Serving:


2 Collard Greens

4 oz leftover cooked chicken thighs

1/2 a microwaved and mashed sweet potato (3 1/2 minutes should be good)

TBS Chopped Red Onion


Be sure to see the pictures above for help.

Cut the stem and vine out of the collard green. You'll end up with two halves.

Microwave the collard greens for about 15 seconds.

Make a T shape with your two halves.

Spread the mashed sweet potato in the center

Then layer your chicken and onion.

Wrap the end piece over the filling.

Then wrap the sides around.

That's it. Your done. I like to serve this variation with BBQ for dipping.

If you are going to bring it for lunch to work or on a picnic, I'd suggest using a toothpick to hold it together.

I'd love to know the combinations you come up with! Please let me know!

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