• Sarah Kreiner

Easiest Weeknight Salmon

I have the hardest time with thawing fish. It always seems like it is still a little frozen in the middle. Then often when I cook it it's rubbery. Then when cooking any fish it always seems like I check it so many times the dang fillet is falling apart and not presentable at all.

I discovered this frozen wild salmon a while ago and it has made my life easier on so many weeknights. They sell it at Kroger in the frozen bins.

You can cook it straight from the freezer frozen in 30 minutes with no fuss.

All you do is rub it in olive oil (generously) and sprinkle on salt and herbs that your in the mood for and it comes out perfect every time. The package says to cook it at 400 degrees for 28-32 minutes. I usually cook it for 26 minutes and it comes out moist and fully cooked through. My oven might not be the gold standard though. It's old and just barely holding up. So try it with less time and cut into the center to see if it's done.

My super weeknight hack is to cook the salmon on one sheet pan and then wedge sweet potatoes on another. Then either throw some asparagus spears on halfway through cooking or serve with a salad. It's easy! No standing over the stove or constantly checking.

It's big so you'll have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. But just mix it up with some different vegetables.


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