• Sarah Kreiner

Don't let Vacation stop your Results!

Are you going on a trip this summer?

Did you know that…

Atrophy can occur in five days without strength training!

Strength training boosts your metabolism for hours after you have worked out!

Consistency is the most important factor of a fitness routine. Each workout does not have to be magnificent but just doing it is magnificent!

Staying Fit while on vacation can seem like a chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Save these workouts so that you know what to do whether you are camping, exploring the big city or traveling Europe. Fitness is everywhere and doesn’t have to be complicated! You can do one or all of the exercises below. You could choose one a day… Options are endless!

Stairs in Rome!

Here is a great whole body routine you can do with one resistance band. I did this at the park but you can do it anywhere!

Band Workout (see video):

Band Rotations

Plank Balance Lifts

Band Rows

Band Chest Press


Step Ups

Box Jumps

Tricep Extensions

More Ideas for your away from the Gym Workouts:

Body weight in the City

Bike Rack Pull Ups


Push ups




Double Crunch

Camping, At the Beach, or On the Road

Bench Push ups

Bench Dips

Pull ups

Bench Step ups

Wading in the water

Trekking through sand

Camp site

Use the playground for

Picnic Table Step ups

Swing Bridges

Swing Planks


Pull ups (Negatives)- Remember that the body is capable of more on the negative portion of an exercise. So jump up and hold your chin above the bar. Then slowly lower yourself down. This should take like 5-10 seconds. If you can’t pull yourself back up then jump back up and lower yourself down slow again.

Have fun with it! Have an amazing Summer!

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