• Sarah Kreiner

Quit the All or Nothing Mindset

"I don't have time for my full hour workout so f$%# it, I'm skipping it."

"There is nothing to eat at home so whatever I'm getting fast food."

"I just don't feel like cooking so I'm going to snack on junk."

Sound familiar?

How many times have you felt like because you couldn't get in what you originally planned for a

workout you decided just to skip the whole thing? How many times have you had a super busy day and decided to eat out just so you didn't have to put together something healthy at home that maybe wasn't especially fabulous?

It has been engrained in our brains that we need to do things a specific way or not at all. Funny thing is this "specific" way is different for everyone. Some people think that eating only chicken and broccoli is the perfect diet and some people think that not eating sweets is the perfect diet. Some people feel like a half hour jog or walk is great and others feel like they have to get in 60 minutes every time they workout or else it isn't even worth it! These examples are crazy and untrue! If you have your mind made up that only one way exists then you are setting yourself up for failure. People get fit and healthy on a variety of diet and workout programs. You can too if you are consistent with what works for you, and do a little of that, verses nothing at all.

Our lives are crazy busy, things are always coming up that are out of our control, and willpower can only go so far. We have to change our mindset in order to stay healthy, fit, and lean without going crazy.

So how do you change your mindset? You have to be aware, realistic, flexible, and prepared.


Look at your schedule and be aware of how packed it is. How much time do have for self care? Do you need to start trying to find ways to take more time? Then go into action mode. Be aware that your health is important. Say NO to things you don't really want or have to do so that you can take care of yourself.


Looking at your week you realize that you have way too many commitments between work, kids, and social activities. So look at what you can realistically fit into the week and schedule with that in mind. A 10-15 minute workout is worth it! So if you only have 10 Minutes on Tuesday then do Planks and Lunges and you have done way more for your body then if you just said screw it I don't have time for a full workout. If there is no time to cook then what is the healthiest option you can get on the go. Know what these options are so you can utilize them on these days. Because come on, these days will happen.


You can always count on something unexpected coming up in our lives. You had planned to cook a great dinner but something has come up. Save that dinner for the next night. Grab a rotisserie chicken and some frozen vegetables and add some hot sauce or pesto to dress it up. Or stop by Whole Foods or Chipotle and get something healthy instead of giving into a not so healthy meal choice. It doesn't mean you failed. You made the best choice in the situation. You planned to go to workout class but your boss held you over. Go late! 30 minutes is better than none and you know you work harder in class!


When you can see you have a busy day or week. Figure out what you can do ahead of time to be prepared. Cook extra food the day before so you have dinner for another night. Freeze some meals so they are ready on those occasions when unexpected appointments come up. Have a short home workout ready when you can't make it to the gym.

Getting rid of that all or nothing mindset will set you up for success. So be aware and start saying NO so that you have time for the healthy activities and healthy meals, be realistic with what you can fit in and make that happen-10 minutes or 60 minutes, be flexible and ready to change, , then be prepared so that excuses don't get in the way.

A little is always better than nothing at all. Every good choice adds up. Just like every bad choice adds up.

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