• Sarah Kreiner

6 Proven ways to achieve your goals!

Have you started to think about what you accomplished this year? Is this upcoming year going to be better than last? For sure!

But you have to take action!

Many of us set goals like “I want to lose 10lbs before summer” or “I want to look better in my shorts by summer.” These are fine goals. But they are what is called OUTCOME goals. That means that they are the result that you want. With only outcome goals there tends to be a whole lot of talking about losing weight and very little actual burning of calories, or whole lot of complaining about things... but nothing ever getting done.

The best results, the most productive people, the most successful people are from those who set ACTION goals. An action goal is just like it sounds, it what you will DO to reach your outcome goal. If one of your goals this year is to decrease your body fat or get in better shape then you need to set some action goals for your diet, your fitness, your sleep, and stress. Success is truly is the sum of all the small decisions, the small actions, that are easy not to do and not really that hard to do. So take action and don’t skip that workout, choose vegetables instead of a high calorie side dish, walk to work, park further away…


Ask for help! Many people get a personal training session just to get set up with a realistic goal, a plan, a home workout so there are no excuses, and a nutrition assessment. This can be the difference between sailing the right direction or veering off track and getting frustrated. We do free consultations so you have nothing to lose. Shoot us a message below:

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