• Sarah Kreiner

50 Marathons!

I have been wanting to share this with you guys for a while now. Stefanie, one of our amazing

trainers and she is also an incredible runner. What you might not know is that she has a goal to run a marathon in every state! So far she has run 16 different States and 28 marathons total! Take a look at her story and I hope you are inspired! Maybe not even to run, because this isn't right for everybody, but maybe inspired to set a goal that is big and work at it.

From Stefanie:

My goal is to run a marathon in every state. I have done 16 states and 28 marathons. I want to see the United States and I feel there isn't a better way then by foot. It's fun, exciting, an adventure, and meeting other runners is always a wonderful thing.

I get to meet so many people who have a passion for running like myself. I get to find out about other races and what marathons people recommend for certain states. I have made many new friends at some of the race series I have done. I have done two different race series where the directors choose states that are close by so you can drive to the next state and check off more states if you are trying to do all the states. Many people I have met through the series are trying for 50 states or have done all 50 and are on round 2! I've met people recently that I got to witness them finish their 300th marathon!!! It's amazing and impressive. And they are 66 and 71 years young!!

Running is my passion. It gives me peace and joy. I feel complete when I'm running. I feel strong and energized. I look forward to it and the way it makes me feel. I love feeling the success of a good run and I tend to get a little competitive in some race situations. I always challenge myself because I want to be the best version I can be.

Depending on the week and when a race is I average 35-50 miles a week. This last cycle I was hitting 50-55 miles a week. I was preparing though for 3 marathons!

Why do I do it? I am doing it to be healthy, active, for fun, and to inspire others. The running

community is a very encouraging group of people and that brings happiness to know their are good people out there. I believe you can run at any age you don't have to start young. I also believe that if I didn't run I would be a bit stir crazy because I like to move haha.

I started running competitively in 2008. Before that I ran to keep active, but once I did my first race I was hooked.

Thoughts from me:

I think that there are goals that get you to a destination; a certain mile run, a pants size that you haven't been at in a while, a full push up or 20! Then there are goals that help you realize the journey along the way is what made the whole thing worth it. I can't imagine doing as many marathons as Stefanie. But I know that when I worked toward my first marathon I realized confidence that I just didn't have before that. I never thought I could do something so big. But I made a plan, stuck to it, and it taught me so much more than just how to run. It taught me perseverance, power of a plan, determination, mental toughness, the mood boosting power of exercise, my bodies amazing capabilities and so much more. I truly hope that this story helps you rethink your goals and what's possible and appreciate the journey a little more.

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