• Sarah Kreiner

How to be fit? Lessons of the World!

Are you hopping on the treadmill this week for an excruciating HIIT workout, or hitting up the gym for some strength training? You know I LOVE these workouts but sometimes life happens and we miss them. We miss them because of mental fatigue, busy schedules, work responsibilities, or kids or whatever. Then the week is over and you look back to see you have been sitting for most of it and you feel like lump. Frustrating. So how is it that around the world people are healthier and leaner without adding an hour long sweat session to their days? People around the world know how to build activity into their day. Activity that it is part of their lifestyle, not a forced habit. Read about France, Italy, Copenhagen, and Okinawa and how you could take away from their fitness and health mindset.


The French have a way of moving for pleasure, finding joy in moving. You won't find them wearing spandex, or jogging hours on a treadmill. They walk to work and if they exercise it is for the enjoyment of the sport of activity. Meaning they might play tennis or go swimming. Which also can lead to less stress. We all know stress is not good for the waistline.

Read more about the French way of staying fit here. I love this article! Also if you haven't read the book French Women Don't Get Fat then I recommend adding it to your reading list. It is more than a diet book. Very enjoyable easy read.


Italians' know about building movement into their day. The Italian "passeggiata" is a leisurely social walk around dinner time that is for pleasure and socializing. It is fun and not fast paced and just a part of the routine. In the past may have had multiple agendas, such as flirting with young eligible men with the intention of connecting young singles. Read more about Passeggiata here. Where can you add a walk into your life that is for fun and socializing. Can you go out in the morning before work with your partner? After dinner to the park with the kids?


Get a bike! Did you know that there are more bikes than cars in Copenhagen! Turn your boring commute into a fun ride! Or hop on the bike to run an errand or visit a friend. Ask a friend to go for a bike ride instead of out to eat. Save the environment, have fun, and get more activity into your day. Read more on Curbed and CNBC.


In Okinawa, Japan they have a saying, “Hara Hachi Bu”. This saying means that you eat until you are 80% percent full. By practicing this rule, you will save your life and your waistline. Our bodies don't necessarily recognize when we are full in time for us to stop. So eat slow, stop before you are full and switch to smaller plates. This will help you to decrease your portions, decrease your waistline, and just feel so much better! I know this has nothing to do with activity but it is a lifestyle practice that's healthy ;)

So what can we learn from all these amazing different perspectives?

Don't start a healthy diet, or a exercise routine, start a healthy lifestyle that will last forever!

Find ways that you can build movement and healthy eating habits into your daily routine.

Don't start a healthy diet, or a exercise routine, start a healthy lifestyle that will last forever!

I wrote an article similar to this for Momentum Fitness. It focuses on The Blue Zones. Where people live to be 100 more than any where else in the world. If you want to know more about how they do it. Then check out my article on Momentum Fitness.


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