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21 Day Realistic Reset

This is a re-post from my Momentum Fitness Blog from June 2015. So I did NOT recently go to Italy. This is a great time of year to take a look at this plan. I feel like as we get closer to the holidays we start to get into this mindset of

"screw it, I'm going to just splurge the whole week because I know that holiday party is going to mess up my diet."

That mindset turns into the whole two months then we are trying to repair come January 1st. I am a firm believer that every good choice adds up just like every not so good choice adds up. They say that we don't gain weight over 2 months like we think we do but this accumulation of bad choices does add up over the year and it doesn't have to. So what if we did a 21 day healthy reset leading up to Thanksgiving and then get into a mindset that is healthier for this holiday season? A mindset that allows for treats but also keeps it sensible around those treats.

So here it is, my post from 2015:

This past month has been all about getting back on track with not only my workouts but my eating and my mindset. I got very relaxed leading up to, and for sure on vacation. I ate pasta (which was to die for) and drank too much (hey but it was red wine). I returned and was ready to get back to healthy.

Before I left for Italy I read “It all Starts With Food, The Whole 30.” This is a very strict diet with absolutely no slip ups for 30 days. I really wanted to do it but I kept stressing about failing. So I designed a more realistic plan for myself. I wanted it to be strict but build in some enjoyment. I didn’t want to miss out on Grandma Kathy’s Peach Pie (oh man), or a drink at Top of the Park with my super wonderful boyfriend, or get too stressed about any of it. I wrote down my goals, I wrote down why they are important to me, and I have been following through with success! I am calling this plan the 21 Day Realistic Reset. I have now decreased my weight, and my waistline, improved my sleep, improved my mental fog, and just overall I feel fantastic! I challenge you to the 21DRR! I know you want to see those changes and feel great too!

What can you eat?

Meat of all kinds (pastured, free range, grass-fed quality meats)

Eggs (free range)

Fruit (No more than two a day)


Coconut Oil

Olive Oil


Bacon Fat

Butter from Grass fed Cows



Coffee, Green Tea and Herbal Tea

What can’t you eat:

Grains (rice, bread, wheat, crackers, oats, quinoa…)

Legumes/Beans (with the exception of snow peas, sugar snap peas, and green beans)

Unhealthy Oils: Vegetable Oil, Soybean Oil, Canola Oils, Pam

Re-creations of treat foods

Sugar of all kinds and NO substitutes- no agave, no honey, no molasses, no maple syrup, no stevia, no equal…


Why is it Realistic?

Ok I know I got you with these last two. So hear me out. The reason it is Realistic is because you can have two glasses of alcohol a week, and you can have one small (no bigger than a fist) portion of dessert. Other than that you are to be strict.

*If you find you can't stick to either of these then I recommend you eliminate them. If you find one drink turns to two turns to three and so on then cut it out. If you know sweets are too much of a trigger then cut it out for the 21 days.

Why does this work?

Carbohydrates are sugar. Sugars tend to lead to insulin spikes and crashes. Eliminating sugars, alcohol, and grains, and sticking to only 2 servings of fruit a day, will have an amazing effect on your appetite. By decreasing your unhealthy carbohydrate intake you can also decrease the amount of calories stored as fat.

By only using healthy free range meats, eggs, and quality oils, and eliminating grains, you will decrease the inflammation in your body. This has an amazing effect on your energy, your weight loss efforts, your recovery after workouts, and more! Inflammation tends to be a bad thing overall. There are exceptions but I’m not going to get into that right now.

By eating lots of protein, and veggies and healthy fats you will turn your body into a balanced fat burning machine.

The book “It all starts with food” is fantastic at explaining all the things that are going on inside your body. If you’d like to really understand and get to know the science in a fun and easy way then I highly recommend reading the book. You can get it on Amazon.


  • Do not count calories, just eat right and until you are 80% full.

  • Try to stick to mostly berries, citrus, and apples or pears. Fruits like bananas and mangos are higher in sugar.

  • Try to think of your meals as Meal 1, 2, & 3. Not breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do not limit yourself to only breakfast foods. Many cultures eat savory foods for breakfast. Might sound weird at first but it will keep you from getting bored by only eating eggs.

  • Just don’t eat foods that are packaged. They contain sugars, and artificial colors, and who know what. So skip it. Eat all real unprocessed foods.

  • Create a plan and follow it through. If you don’t then you find yourself starving and failing at your 21 Day Reset.

  • Weigh yourself at the beginning, but then not again until the end. Measure your circumferences in inches before you begin and then again at the end.

  • Keep strength training and moving to maintain your muscle mass and metabolism!

Meal Planning

Try to keep it simple. Don’t worry too much about fancy schmancy meals. Begin your meal with healthy proteins whether it’s chicken or shrimp. Then add a ton (like half the plate) with non starchy veggies (like broccoli, zucchini, asparagus…). Then add about a thumb size to a 1/4 cup of a healthy fat (avocado, olives, coconut, nuts…). Do not skip the healthy fats! If you do it is likely that you’ll feel hungry and unsatisfied. They are good for you. Then maybe you add about a 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of a healthy starch such as yam or potato. I say “maybe” because I truly believe that trying to keep your starches and fruits to earlier in the day and right after workouts will help with weight loss if that’s your goal.

Sample Meal Plan:

Meal One Choices:


2 Eggs & 1 Cup Strawberries or

Chia Bowl (no oats) add hemp seeds.

Homemade breakfast sausage patties (Ground turkey or pork)

Meal Two Choices:

Leftover meat, sardines, or tuna- turned into a salad with tons of greens, tomato, cucumber, avocado and whatever other veggies I might have on hand. Olive oil and vinegar for dressing.

Meal Three:

Grilled Chicken with Veggies and Avocado (I always make extra chicken)

Grass Fed Beef Burger on a Portobello topped with sundried tomato, with roasted Yam and a salad

Bell Pepper Nachos

Shrimp pasta with tomato sauce and zucchini noodles instead of pasta with olives.

Stir Fried ground pork with ginger, garlic, rice wine vinegar, and bok choy and shitake mushroom and sprinkle some chopped cashews.

Salmon Patties with Roasted Broccoli


Cashews and Fruit

Chia pudding with hemp protein powder

Smoothie with hemp protein

You can find tons more recipes by searching whole 30 recipes on Pinterest or Google.

Who is ready to do this 21 Day Realistic Reset?

Make your meal plan starting November 1st!

Tell your friends and invite them to do it with you!

Don't let people bully you into eating something you don't want.

Pay attention to how good you feel.

Start thinking about what is worth the splurges for this holiday season and try your best to stick to only those.

Are you ready?

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