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Part I: Words

New Years is a great time for resolutions. But so often most of us fail. Why?

Well there are a ton of reasons why but I feel like the underlying reason is that we don't have the right mindset going on in the background to accomplish the goals that surface in the foreground.

If your mind is all mixed up about how hard a goal is or how well you'll do at accomplishing it then it won't happen.

This article is Part I of a four part series to help you get your mind right.

I will offer you thoughts and homework to help you get into a place where achieving your goals is possible.

So forget your goals right now and read Part I: Words

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I. Words

II. Rituals

III. Habits

IV. Scheduling

I. Words

The way we see an obstacle is all in the words we use to describe it.

If I keep telling myself that "It is just WAY TOO HARD to cut out alcohol." Then it will continue to be way to hard. If I switch those words and repeat day in and day out "I don't need alcohol. I don't need the sleep disruption, or the lethargy, or the calories. I love herbal tea and sparkling water." I will and begin to believe the words that I say out loud and in my head. I will begin to love the taste of lemon in my sparkling water and appreciate the gains in my strength due to the lack of alcohol. But I have to practice and be consistent with my words. This is the key.

This concept applies to everything. The words we use are vital to the life we create for ourselves. If I keep repeating "Those exercises are for people more fit than me." Then they will continue to be. If I say "I'm working toward doing those exercises and being more fit than I was yesterday." Then I will achieve it.

If I say out loud or in my head (both count) "I hate the way my body looks. Why is my belly spilling over my pants." Then I will continue to see only what I say. I will drain all my emotional energy. Did you know that emotional energy is related to physical energy? Have you ever felt sad and just wanted to sit around. Then felt the opposite, felt really happy and wanted to move?! If I treat my body with love and compassion then I will want to move, I will manage my stress hormones, and so much more. "I love my shoulders in this shirt. I love it that my body is good at balance exercises."

Change the way you talk to yourself out loud and in your head; about yourself, about your goals, about your spouse, about your job, and see how your life changes.


Pick two areas that you know you need to change your internal dialogue about.

Create a mantra and repeat it every morning and every evening at the same time and every time during the day that you think of it.

Stick sticky notes in the places where you'll see this mantra.

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