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New Years Outlook Part II: Rituals

New Years is a great time for resolutions. But so often most of us fail. Why?

Well there are a ton of reasons why but I feel like the underlying reason is that we don't have the right mindset going on in the background to accomplish the goals that surface in the foreground.

If your mind is all mixed up about how hard a goal is or how well you'll do at accomplishing it then it won't happen.

This article is Part II of a four part series to help you get your mind right.

I will offer you thoughts and homework to help you get into a place where achieving your goals is possible.

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I. Words

II. Rituals

III. Habits

IV. Scheduling

My interest was instantly piqued when I saw a graphic that said New Years Rituals Not Resolutions. What a perfect way to think about making changes for the new year! So many times we set goals for ourselves and then we don’t make a plan for how to follow through. Creating new rituals things that you do every day, things that you do at the same time every week, things that are special and that you make the time for so that it happens. These are rituals.

Think about the rituals that you already have in your life.

Do you go to church every Sunday?

Do you watch TV every night before you go to bed?

Now take a second to think about the goals that you have... what rituals do you need to create to make these goals happen?

What rituals do you need to create to make these goals happen?


Write down your goal and the rituals you need to make happen in order to get to that goal.

Then write down - How can you make them more enticing?

Then write down - What steps can you take you do to make them happen?

Now get started!

Here is an example: I would like to be more consistent with yoga and foam rolling. I would like to create a ritual on Monday Rest Day and Foam rolling. So I'm going to spend a few minutes each Monday after dinner Foam Rolling. I will put my foam roller in the living room where I'll walk right into after dinner.

When you fail to follow through on your ritual PAUSE take a step back and look at what you can do so that you make it happen the next time.

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When these rituals become so engrained in our everyday life they become habits. The next blog will be all about these habits.

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