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New Year New Outlook: Habits

This is Part III: Habits, in the my four part series on getting your mind right so that you can actually accomplish your goals.

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As a recap:


The words you say out load, and especially in your head can either accelerate your pace to your goal or completely bring it to a halt. So be aware and practice only kind words to yourself, out loud and especially in your head.


The things that are just a part of your day, the everyday rituals are the easiest to maintain. So find a way to make your healthy activities rituals. A Monday meal prep ritual, a morning walk ritual, and so on.

Now we are on to Part III: HABITS

Most of the time when we think HABITS we think of bad habits. But in this case I want you to create good, really good habits.

When those RITUALS become so much a part of our everyday life that you don't even think twice (maybe once) before doing it, then they are a habit. This is the key! Most of us give up on our goals before they ever become habits. The trick is to keep doing it and keep tweaking until it is a habit that on the first of the month you sign up for all the fitness classes you strive to attend (you can always cancel but I bet you won't), you just intuitively start making you meal plan durning the week so you can grocery shop and meal prep on Sunday. You wake up on Monday morning and start putting on gear to head out for a walk.

Decision fatigue is real. So many times we set a goal then we talk ourselves out of it by having an exhausting internal dialogue about all the reasons why we don't feel like following through. When it's a habit - IT'S EASY. It is so easy because there is no devil on one shoulder and angel on the other having an argument on whether you should stay in bed another hour or just get up and do your workout. You have already started doing it before those two can battle it out. You know that after that workout you'll feel amazing.

So keep going and keep working toward making it a HABIT!

REMEMBER: It will take a lot of tries. There will be times you don't follow through. But keep trying to figure out what is going to work and keep doing it. When it's a habit and there is no question that you are doing it you'll feel a sense of relief. I promise.

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