• Sarah Kreiner

Do You Eat Enough Fruits & Vegetables?

We are supposed to strive for 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables. Do you get that many each day?

Do you eat more fruit than vegetables?

Do you get a variety of colors?

If you are trying to lose fat. Then you are probably restricting calories. Therefor your body is not getting all that it needs. In order to stay healthy you should focus on high quality foods for the calories you do get so that you body has the nutrients it needs. Also the fiber content helps satiate you.

We need to eat fruits and vegetables for a ton of reasons other than weight loss. Just to name a few:

They give us nutrients and minerals needed to keep us healthy

They provide more water for hydration

Vegetables and Fruits are loaded with antioxidants that slow aging an or risk of disease.

They may help lower blood sugar.

Click here for some great ways to add more veggies in your life.


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