• Sarah Kreiner

Bad-ass Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is often an unbalanced meal. This month we have talked alot about getting a ton of veggies, fiber, and a healthy mix of protein, fat, and carbs at every meal. But how many of you tend to have an all carb breakfast (cereal bar)...? An all Protein breakfast (just a hard boiled egg)...? or pastry or bagel or just fruit or other combo of things that are missing one of the major macronutrients?

When you balance your breakfast you set the tone for the rest of the day!

*You won't be hungry an hour after eating and reaching for the doughnuts and bagels at work.

*You will be energized and awake to do your best.

*You will probably eat better all day long.

I know that some of you skip breakfast and it works but I think most people do best with a balanced breakfast.

So here is a little brainstorming list for you. We worked on this in my 6 am Mix Total Body class a couple weeks ago and everyone had awesome ideas!

Sweet potato black beans yogurt and some spinach

Cottage cheese tomato cucumber green onion and a rice cracker

Lox on rice thin with cream cheese or goat cheese on a rice cracker

Quinoa greens and fried egg

Overnight oats with yogurt or protein powder

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