• Sarah Kreiner

No Excuses 3 - Mini Workouts

When I started fostering kids I realized how incredibly naive I was about how hard it was to get in workouts when you have a family. I had been thinking that Mom's really could fit in their workouts and that they just were not getting the help they needed or deserved. I was so wrong. So I started doing mini workouts when I could not do a full workout. So 1-2 times a week I get in a good 45 minute workout but 1-2 times a week I also do 2-3 exercises and that's it. I go for 3 - 5 sets and then go on with the day. This has made a huge impact on my physique, my mood, and my attitude. I am incredibly stronger, and I know leaner than I would be if I wasn't squeezing in these mini workouts. Because for pete's sake I'm taking bites of mac and cheese to see if it's hot, and half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and goldfish crackers (I don't even like goldfish crackers!) just because it's there. Check out a few of my pairs and let me know what you think? Any ideas of your own?

Quit the all or nothing attitude. This works!

Here are a few videos of ideas then below are some more ideas.

Push ups and Lunges

Rows and Kettle Bell Swings

Plank Rows and Squat Press

More Ideas:

Versa Loop walking abductions and Burpees with a Push Up

Band Rows and Lunges

Bodyweight Rows at the playground and Squat Jumps

Side Lunges and Plank lift offs

Squat Jacks and Tricep Dips

Band Shoulder Presses and Step Ups

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