• Sarah Kreiner

Is what you say holding you back?

Do you find yourself saying "I can't workout that early...." or "I just can't make a meal plan? Are you kidding, I can't do that, I don't have time for that."

I wrote a article a while back about the power of the words we use. You can read that here, it's short yet powerful. This power can be for good or evil and when we repeatedly say we "can't" do something then it becomes true.

What I want you to do is try replacing can't with won't. How do you feel when you say "I won't wake up early to workout."? Does it feel true? Maybe it is. Maybe waking up early so that you get your workout in is not something that is worth it for you. Or maybe after inserting the word won't you start realize that actually you could try it.

If it's worth it then you will make it happen. If it doesn't mean that much to you then you won't make it happen.

So if you find something is not worth it then how can you stop beating yourself up about it?

If you find it is worth it then how can you make it happen?

Change how you talk in your head and it will change your life.

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