• Sarah Kreiner

Do you ask yourself these questions?

How often do you catch yourself in this dangerous loop of...

"I just have to check this off the list so I can move on. It doesn't matter if it's rushed, half-ass, or not thought out well."

How do we step out of this mindless rushing?

We all do it. We are busy and we are drowning in to-do lists and expectations from husbands, kids, bosses, and even friends.

It's hard to take the time to think about your fitness and health right?

I see over and over again that my clients have so much on their plates that without a dedicated hour to think about their health and fitness it would get pushed off the list and completely ignored.

A personal training session is meant to be a fun workout, yes, but it is also a time for your trainer to help you work through your obstacles and barriers you are facing while trying to living your healthiest life.

For some of us we are wiling to put fitness first but for others we have to be realistic and we have to find a balance. Finding that balance and not being too hard on yourself can be really hard.

This is where a trainer can help you sort through your priorities and decide is a 2 x's a week commitment as much as you have right now or do you try to do something everyday? Do you need homework workouts to keep up with your activity outside of sessions? Do you need motivation and accountable to get the ball rolling? To eat healthy?

Someone who can point out the positives when it feels like no progress is being made.

Client after client who comes to me who isn't doing strength training or who isn't doing it really well will tell me that the scale isn't budging. So we get into a routine, and she's eating better, and still the scale isn't budging. BUT her waistline is down an inch and half and her leg press weight is up by 30lbs and her back doesn't hurt as often as it did when we started. These are big victories!

Personal Training is more than losing weight or getting in a workout. It is a support system to help you find the ways to stay or get healthy when you feel like you can't make it happen. Because even the busiest person can. It just takes putting in some thought and an outside view to help you find the way.

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