• Sarah Kreiner

9 Ways to Survive the Holidays Without The Added Pounds

This is such a wonderful time! I feel like we get so busy that we forget to just simply enjoy it. We get wrapped up in the hustle and the habit of being busy. But try to stop and decide what is really important in order to take care of yourself and your family. Is all that's on your to do list necessary or could you maybe eliminate something and go for a walk in the leaves or take your kids to the park?

I also think that we use this time of year to make excuse after excuse for not sticking to our goals. We overeat, we skip workouts, we get stressed, and lose sleep. Just because it is a special time of year doesn't mean that you have a pass to stop taking care of yourself. Think about how hard you have been working to this point. Think about what your goals are going forward. Think about the example you are setting for your children and family.

Check out these tips to make your holiday
one where you don't have to start all over again January.

1. Time management: Be sure to allow time for yourself along with all the other obligations you will have. Remember you can say no to some parties. Remember that you can shop online. You can keep gifts simple.

2. Make a plan for Meals. Make a good grocery list and meal plan so that you aren't tempted to eat out during shopping or errands. Plan to eat before holiday meals so that you are not ravenous by the time you arrive. Skipping meals before a holiday meal is usually a recipe for disaster.

3. Plan your workouts. Schedule in your Personal Training and Classes and home workouts so that you do not get off track. Shopping doesn't count as a workout! Remember it can be a gym workout or a 20 minute at home workout.

Both are great!

4. Check out the entire buffet of food before you dish out your plate. Choose the best options and small amounts of your favorites. Remember always try to build your plate by starting with a healthy source of protein and then a ton of non-starchy vegetables and maybe a little carbs/starch and fat.

5. Be conscious of how much alcohol you drink. These calories can add up very fast. Instead of alcohol choose tea, or sparkling water.

6. Bring a healthy dish to pass and ask others to do the same.

7. Keep a healthy snack in your purse or at your desk. This way, when holiday treats show up at your office, you can munch on something healthy and skip the high calorie cookies.

8. Manage your stress. Remember that stress can add to excess calorie consumption, and weight gain. So, be sure to only schedule what you can handle, ask for help, and keep things simple.

9. Plan for sleep. Make it a point to not skimp of sleep. Remember that lack of sleep causes not only fatigue, but

overeating, stress, and decreased performance in your workouts.

Your health is worth it! Make an effort to stay healthy this holiday season! Also give yourself a little slack. Don't try to lose weight during this time, just try to maintain and stay healthy.
Also, take note....
In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine participants were weighed at various times around the holidays to see the difference in perceived weight gain verses actual. Most participants thought they had gained 2-4 pounds more than what they actually had! It also is interesting to note that participants who began at a healthy weight gained the least amount of weight and participants who were overweight gained the most. Another interesting factor is that the participants who made an effort to be more active during this time lost the most weight or gained the least amount.

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