• Gordy Marcotte

Foundation Built on Solid Rock, Not Sinking Sand

2020 is here, and with it brings reflection on what went right in 2019, what went wrong, and what would needs to be changed for the New Year.

Resolutions are made to be broken, but if our changes are based upon solid knowledge and not the "fad of the day", they can be more effective and help us to become the people that we were designed to be. When considering lifestyle changes in the area of fitness, we should look at the whole picture. There are 3 key elements that are vitally important to improve our fitness and to optimize our daily "performance":

1. Nutriton

2. Movement

3. Recovery


Think about our bodies like our cars. How will our cars run if we used cheap gas, as opposed to how it would run with premium. Our bodies function the same way. Sure, we can look at a calorie is a calorie, but there is a difference to how we will perform and feel if those calories came from a Big Mac, or from quality protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


How we move is another vital step in the performance equation. Our world today is designed for us to sit (in the car, on our computers, watching TV, etc.), so it is up to us to be intentional and not fall prey to the sedentary traps that are all around us. Health.Gov has recommendations for the minimum guidelines for adults:

-At least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity week

-2 days of muscle strengthening activities per week

Like our foods, we should concentrate on quality movements and those activities that will allow us to perform better in whatever arena we find ourselves (sports, activities of daily living, travel, etc.)


Probably the most overlooked element that contributes to our performance is how we recover. Sleep, stress reduction, SMR (self myofascial release), meditation, time with family and friends, and whatever we need to get us off the "hamster wheel" and recharge us for the next task. Quality and intention are important here as well.

So when we sit down to set our resolutions for 2020, keep in mind the big picture and how the 3 elements work together to improve our fitness level and utlimately optimize our performance. If our changes and improvements are built on solid ground those changes have a better chance of lasting longer than just January 2020.

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