• Gordy Marcotte

4 Benefits of the Most Overlooked Part of Your Fitness Routine

We are busy people, barely able to even eat lunch on most days. Making it to the gym requires a great effort and once there, we often want to jump right in to the workout and then move on to the next thing on our list.

If we did, we would be missing out of one of the most beneficial parts of our fitness routine…the warm up.

Here are 4 reasons why the warm up is so important:

1. Helps Increase Body and Muscle Temperature

As you warm up your body temperature increase, and oxygen becomes more available for your muscles, you will be able to perform harder tasks with less effort.

2. Increase Flexibility and Reduce Risk of Injury

An effective warm up will improve the elasticity of the muscles, and will allow increased blood flow to the muscles, and allow for more flexibility. The result is better performance and less opportunity to get hurt or overheat during the workout.

3. Helps Get You Mentally Prepared

Our minds are preoccupied with many things during our busy days, and the warm up is the transition that we need to help put those things aside for the time we spend working out. That translates to greater success as we focus or bodies and minds to what we are about to do.

4. Ready for Action

A good warm up will prepare you muscles and joints (and brain) to endure whatever you are about to undertake. Whether lifting heavy, jumping all around the gym, throwing medicine balls, or punching the life out of the heavy bag, and effective warm up will get you ready to safely work like the inner “warrior” you desire to be.

So, in order to increase your performance in the gym, decrease the risk of injury, and as Strength and Conditioning Coach Todd Durkin is fond of saying “get your mind right", don’t skip the warm up. If you are going to skip something throughout the day, maybe skip that extra Mocha Latte with Double Whip (lol).

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