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Home Workout Equipment Essentials

The current COVID-19 virus is forcing us to live differently for the moment, but also to think creatively in how we perform normal activities throughout our day. While the government mandate for “social distancing” has closed restaurants, gyms, and churches, it doesn’t mean we have to stop everything and what I have learned in my 54 years of observing people, “where there is a will, there is a way”.

Now more than ever it is important to keep up your overall health and fitness levels, and to keep moving. Workouts can be done at home, with just a few essentials, some optional extras that appeal to the “DIY’er", and if you have the means a few “luxury” items.

The Essentials:

-Exercise Mat

-Strength bands

-Resistance or Versa loops

-Resistance Tubes (with door attachment)

Theses products can be found at PowerSystems.com, and below are some special offers currently available.

50% Off Power Systems brand Tubing & Bands + Free Ground Shipping with No Minimum Purchase, use code: TUBING50

20% off Power Systems Products + Free Ground Shipping on orders over $49, use code: MARCHPS20

Optional “DIY’er” items:

- Furniture Sliders (Home Depot - Super Sliders pack of 4 for around $9)

- DIY Mobility Stick (1 inch cut PVC pipe, 2 - 1 ¼ inch rubber leg tips)

-Height of 5’5” and below cut to 5 ft.

-Height 5’5” to 6’0 cut to 6 ft.

-Height 6’0” and above cut to 7ft.

Luxury Items:

If you have the means and are looking to make your home gym a bit more versatile, you can consider these items.

-Small set of DB

-Adjustable Weight Bench (incline, flat, and decline positions)

-Suspension Trainer

In my opinion, if you want one exercise tool that can do so many things, and can be used anywhere (inside, outside, hotel room, etc.) it would be the TRX suspension system.

Available at TRXtraining.com, and below is a current offer.


These are a few of the items that can help you keep moving and exercising while we are “social distancing”. The only limits to what you can do with these items, and any household item really are the imagination. Please stay health, and keep moving and exercising and this will pass. Hopefully soon life will return to “normal”, but now you may have some tools that can help stay healthy and fit.

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