Strategic Planning Session

What is a strategic planning session?

This is a one hour session to help you learn and put together a realistic plan based on science, your schedule, your likes, and dislikes, your goals, your resources, and budget that will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.

What I find with most clients is that they are overwhelmed.  Does any of this sound familiar?


Overwhelmed with all the information out there...

Overwhelmed with all the options for getting fit...

Overwhelmed with too much on their plates and not enough time..

Not sure of how much exercise they need to reach their goals...

Not sure how intense that exercise needs to be to see results...

No sure how to put it all together into a plan that will get those results..

That is where a strategic planning session can help.  This hour long session will leave you feeling like you have a plan, a do-able realistic plan that you can build on and that will get you results in less time, with less hassle, less time wasted, and having fun doing it!  You also get 3 check in's over the three weeks following your session.  These check-ins will help you stay accountable, answer questions that come up, and not fall off track with your plan.

Send us an email today if you are interested in a session.  Ask any questions you have and get scheduled today so you can start working toward your goals now!

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This 60 session includes:

-A weekly schedule of exercise for you based on your goals

-The exact amount of strength, cardio, and flexibility you should plan in each week to reach your goals

-Suggested macro-nutrient distribution based on your body type and goals

-You will work through past barriers to reaching your goals

-Work through strategies to overcome obstacles that commonly get in your way

-Circumference and possibly body fat measurements if you have a fat loss or physique goal

-Our Mix E-Book with everything you need to know for staying lean, strong, and healthy

-You will get a detailed written plan that summarizes everything you talk and go over in the session.

-Over the course of the next four weeks you will get three email/text message conversations to keep you accountable, motivated, and help answer questions that may come up.

-Depending on what you need your session may include (if time allows):

      -A suggested sample meal plan based on your macronutrient distribution

      -A lesson on exercise intensity


First session is $100

Sessions after this are $75

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