We love trampoline workouts at The Mix! Why because they are so much fun and so effective.  They also boast a ton of positives that are worth checking out.

Why we love trampoline workouts

1. Easy on the joints - Rebounding is 40% less impact on the joints than if you were doing the same movements on the floor.

2. It is detoxing.  The movement activates the lymphatic system which helps to shake up toxins and release.

3. It's really good for strengthening your pelvic floor.

4. It's working your core the whole time!  You are upright, balancing, and engaging.

5. It improves your balance.

6. In 2016 The International Journal of Sports Science found Trampoline Training to be "a more effective training method than traditional running training to increase maximal oxygen consumption and reducing fat %."  That means that jumping on a trampoline will help you get fitter and leaner faster!

Common Misconceptions about Trampoline Workouts

1. "I think I'd fall off."  The trampolines do require balance.  However, you are not springing off the trampoline.  The goal with trampoline workouts is to push into the trampoline.  This is way more grounded then what you might think.  We also have a bar that can be on the trampolines so you can hold on and feel safe the whole time.

2. "I think I'll pee my pants."  You probably think this because you envision bounding and leaping from the trampoline like you did as a kid on a huge outdoor trampoline.  Trampoline for exercise, also known as rebounding involves a very different form.  We push into the trampoline with our feet and leg muscles with speed verses height.  The goal is to stay low and move with stability.  This strengthens the muscles in your legs, pelvic floor, hips, and core while keeping it low impact and eliminating that feeling of possibly peeing.

3. "I can't dance."  We keep it simple because we want it to be fun.  The music plays a huge role in movement on the trampolines but it is not complicated or crazy choreography.  It's simple fun moves repeated and cued in a way that easy to follow.

4. "I am not fit enough."  This workout is so scaleable.  You can go faster, push harder, take less breaks and make it a really intense workout.  Or you can go a little slower, use a bar to balance, and take more breaks to fit your current fitness level.

5. "I am afraid I'll look silly."  What?  Do you hear what you are saying?  I know its a common fear in many areas of our lives but everyone is focused on their own workout.  No one is judging or staring you down to see if you have all the moves perfect.  It is fun and brings out the kid in you in a wonderful way!

Think a party that is healthy for you!

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